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We perform the following services for our client, and keep our promise
  IT Services
The company’s consulting and IT Services focus on providing complete "end-to-end" solution and integration of client's business strategy with IT initiatives. We believe that business and technology work hand-in-hand. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectation
  J2EE ® Platform Technology
Java is an object-oriented programming language with much better functionality than any other languages. One significant difference between Java and other languages is that the source and compiled code are machine independent.J2EE Platform is a standard for developing and architecting large scale applications.J2EE technology enables the development and deployment of secure, robust and interoperable business applications.
  WebSphere Application Server ® (WAS)
IBM WebSphere Application Server is a high-performance and extremely scalable transaction engine for dynamic e-business applications. The foundation of the WebSphere brand is the WebSphere application server. The application server provides the runtime environment and management tools for J2EE and Web services based applications. It is intended for organizations that want to take advantage of the productivity, performance, and portability that Java provides for dynamic Web sites.
  WebSphere Portal Server ® (WPS)
WebSphere Portal technology provides a framework for integrating enterprise content into a web application and well designed user interface. Portal is the next generation technology delivering e-business to all kinds of client devices and provides users with single point of access to multiple applications.
  WebSphere Commerce Suite/Server ®
WebSphere Commerce Suite is IBM’s open architecture, designed to provide a complete e-commerce solution. The WebSphere Commerce Server is an enterprise application, which runs on its own application server within the WebSphere Application Server.

WCS provide solutions for doing business over internet and enables the enterprise to deploy an online store with much richer customer experience.
  WebSphere MQ ®
IBM WebSphere MQSeries is a message-oriented middleware for message-based applications. The base MQSeries product totally and reliably connects any application or system to other.

WebSphere MQ Workflow is a workflow management middleware offering that automates workflow between applications. It automates business processes involving people and applications to give organizations more control of their business activities. It Aligns and integrates your organization's resources and capabilities with your business strategies, accelerating process flow, cutting costs, eliminating errors and improving workgroup productivity.
  WebSphere Business Integration ® (WBI)
WebSphere Business Integration model help companies reduce IT complexity, reuse existing resources, and automate business processes through a powerful integration framework. It can deliver a next-generation integration platform optimized for building and deploying composite applications that extend and integrate your existing IT assets.
System outsourcing has become new imperative for industries and organizations that are looking for a cost effective solution while maintaining the quality. Our Business outsourcing unit can help you in expanding data processing environment, robust application development, migrating and upgrading existing applications.

The company looks forward to provide services for outsourcing complete application development and support and also for the customers who are looking for outsourcing part of their business and development needs.

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